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Using Buyable Pins to Drive Sales on Pinterest

In our last post, we promised more news on Pinterest and social media tools, so here it is… Three months after the initial launch, Pinterest has extended availability of their new Buyable Pins to reach thousands more ecommerce merchants and their mobile customers. They have already built some impressive stats, doubling the number of early responses to report that 60 million are now available to Pinners. What’s more, Buyable Pins are demonstrating a conversion rate on mobile devices that is twice as high as the rate for other Pins. Use Buyable Pins to Get in Front of New Customers Retailers know by now that even in-store shoppers are addicted to searching through their mobile devices for the best prices and …

Tips and Tools to Build Sales through Pinterest


Did you know that Pinterest is projected to have between 50 and 70 million users by next year according to eMarketer research? Would you like to hear from some of them? Let’s assume you answered “yes, please” to that rhetorical question. If not, it might help to know that Pinterest, despite a much smaller user base than Facebook’s, is second only to FB in driving all Web traffic, at 7.10%. In fact, it drives more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter combined—yikes! Out of those 50-70 million, more are receptive to advertising messages than users of other sites. This may be a natural outcome when users are pinning and searching for products, images, recipes, and sources, and they are …

Google Changes Local Search Display

Google Search on iPad

What big display changes mean for small businesses Do you have an uneasy feeling that something in your universe has changed recently, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? It’s not a cosmic shift, but a new local search display format from Google, which may be just as significant. As a business relying on local search results, you need to understand what has changed and what these changes mean for your business. What Has Changed in the Local Search Display? Analysts stress that the new format, released in early August 2015, affects the way local businesses are displayed on search engine results pages, or SERPs. Formerly, local search results and organic results would be mixed together, and displayed …

Facebook to Small Businesses: Be Mobile-Friendly Now

Facebook on smart phone

Facebook has rolled out a series of test versions for changes to Brand Pages, as announced by COO Cheryl Sandberg on September 8. The changes appear to target small businesses (SMBs), judging by Sandberg’s presentation, in which she cited 45 million active SMB Pages currently found on Facebook worldwide. She stressed, among other things, the importance of SMBs and their use of Facebook Pages to provide women with new opportunities for entrepreneurial growth.   What’s New on Facebook Brand Pages? The answer depends on which test version you see as a user, with multiple trials of new layouts popping up for different users. So far, the most prominent change is the increased size and visibility of the blue Call to …

Beyond Keywords: Drive Better Quality Traffic to Your Site


Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird—if it’s your job to care about SEO, these critters have complicated your life in recent years. The new Google search algorithms they represent, along with other ongoing updates—as many as 500 or more per year—have changed the rules for driving quality traffic to your web site. These days, it’s about looking beyond keywords. Gone are the days of “keyword stuffing,” when bad writing and obvious gimmicks got you into the top page rankings. The new ecosystem calls for a more sophisticated understanding of keyword use and beyond. The happy news is that good writing is the new natural standard, and search engines that determine your page rankings are less interested in finding single keywords than they are …

Learn to Write Clickable Headlines that Drive Your Competition Crazy

Teen girl sitting with a laptop

Writing great headlines comes naturally to some people, but most of us need a little help crafting those irresistible lines that make readers want to know more. Sure, a lot is riding on the headline, but it all comes down to one overriding concern: does it generate an amazing click-through rate, the kind that your competition would kill for? That measure of success can also reflect on your company’s image as a forward-leaning, innovative brand, not to mention your standing as an influential blogger or writer. You probably know that numbered lists and “how to” topics are always click-magnets, but relying on these heavily used formulas may not be enough (headline of this post notwithstanding). Generate the traffic results you …

6 Indispensable Tips for Writing Content that Drives Traffic

female hands with pen writing on notebook

You could spend years digging through reams of advice on how to write content that generates outstanding traffic results. We want you to have a life, so instead, we’ve condensed it down to 6 indispensable writing tips that have proven successful at driving traffic for high achievers at every level of business. One way or another, you depend on digital content to drive traffic to your web site. Whether through trending social media posts across multiple platforms, funny videos you hope will go viral, or long-form blogs that explore industry news, make the most of every word, and keep those click-throughs coming.

Alphabet – The A-Z of Google’s new holding company


Yesterday, Google announced that they would be restructuring the upper-crust of their brand into a holding company that will simply be known as Alphabet. At the surprise of many (including owners of pre-existing companies already called “Alphabet”), Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, announced that the decision was made so that Google could continue its legacy as the most-used search engine in the world while its now-sister companies continue to evolve the world outside of the web. For instance, while Google will keep Google Android, Google Maps, Google Now, Google Earth, Google Docs, Gmail, (the list of Google-founded applications is almost an A-Z list in itself), other ventures will be free to form their own identities under their own …

Blocking JavaScript and CSS Warnings – Should you care?


For those of you that checked your Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) on Tuesday July 28, you might have been surprised to see a new warning, “Google Warning: ‘Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files on {your domain}.’” For sites that employ Javascript and CSS coding, this may have been alarming. In this post I will try answer some of the most common questions asked by our clients regarding this warning and what you should do when you see it. What does this warning mean? It is saying that Google cannot crawl your whole site, and that your site is specifically blocking Javascript and CSS files. This is a warning — not a penalty — but Google …

‘Purchases on Google’ opens up market for businesses


Google has finally started its long-discussed move to enable direct purchases from search ads. The so-called “buy button” is now known as “Purchases on Google.” A limited group of online and large chain store retailers were tagged for the pilot program, with plans to scale up for additional retailers in late 2015 or early 2016, as noted in the posting on TechCrunch. A focus on the mobile experience Indicating that their aim is to enhance the user mobile experience, Google is going beyond search to facilitate browsing, comparing, and ultimately, making the purchase, as described in a post on Marketing Land. This seamless process will make shopping from a smartphone faster and easier, with the potential to help retailers significantly …

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