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Google Releases Penguin 3.0–But Is There Still More To Come?

Penguin 3.0

According to Google representative, John Mueller, the much-anticipated Penguin 3.0 algorithm update began rolling-out on Friday, October 17th. This past weekend, some sites began noticing changes in their organic rankings and many were attributing the changes to the Penguin update Google’s been building anticipation for since earlier last month. Today, Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that Penguin is, in fact, responsible for any of these changes in the search results we’ve seen over the past few days. As the first Penguin update in just over a year, Penguin 3.0 has been on the radar for everyone in the SEO industry for months. While the algorithm update hasn’t by any means come as a surprise, what has surprised a number webmasters, …

Volatility in the Local Results: Are Some of The Effects of Pigeon Rolling Back?

Google Pigeon Update

In the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of volatility in the types of local search results that Google has been returning since their latest local algorithm update was rolled out back at the close of July. Recently, we’re seeing the return of a number of the local ‘six-pack’ or ‘7-pack’ results that had suddenly dropped from the search results with the release of Google’s algorithm update nicknamed “Google Pigeon.” Back in July, there was a drastic decrease in the number of local six pack and maps results that Google was returning for a given query–the number plummeting from 12.1% of search results to roughly 3% in a matter of days according to a study by Moz. Pigeon–which was …

Much Anticipated Penguin 3.0 Algorithm Update Expected in the Coming Week

Google Penguin 3.0 Image

Gary Illyes, Google’s Search Quality Engineer, has announced at Search Marketing Expo East that there is an excellent chance that Google will be launching their much-awaited Penguin 3.0 algorithm update next week. Hundreds of thousands of web owners devastated by the Penguin 2.1 update that hit on October 4, 2013, have eagerly been awaiting this release in the hopes that Google’s new Penguin 3.0 update will help them recover the rankings they lost after being severely penalized back in 2013. How Should you Prepare for Penguin 3.0? The Penguin updates focus of backlink quality and anchor text. Links are essential to your rankings because they act as signals to the search engines of your authority and your relevance around the …

Google Panda 4.1 – What Does It Mean for You?

Google Panda 4.1

By now, everyone’s heard that Google began a slow roll out of a Google Panda update last week. This version is being dubbed “Panda 4.1” by Search Engine Land. This is because unlike Panda 4.0 this is not a major update like the previous one was. That still leaves the question though: how will this affect search? According to Pierre Far of Google UK, only 3% – 5% of search results are actually affected by this roll out.  Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:       Update 4.1 has added more signals based on user and webmaster feedback that will help Google to identify low quality content.       Panda has been targeting sites with redundant, …

Join Us for a Free Webinar on The Top Local SEO Strategies Post-Pigeon

Google Pigeon

On July 24, 2014, Google announced the roll out of their updated local search algorithm, dubbed ‘Pigeon’. Google’s new algorithm specifically targeted local results and has dramatically altered the face of local search. Join us for a free webinar Wednesday, September 24 at 11AM PST to find out how to harness Google’s new Pigeon Local Algorithm to boost your rankings and increase traffic, leads and sales for your business. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! When: Wednesday, 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET In our 45-minute webinar, National Positions President Bernard May will reveal: How Google’s Pigeon Algorithm has changed local search Which local ranking factors now matter most to Google The 10 most effective strategies to gain exposure at …

Google Says Goodbye to Authorship– And What That Means for You

Google Authorship Example

Many factors have been added to the way that Google’s algorithm understands and displays your content, your site, and your overall online authority. Google Authorship was one such factor. What it created was a way to link the content you created with your Google+ profile. It intended to give your content not only an identifiable author for search engines, but for searchers too, in addition to an extra bit of attention as author names and images were then displayed next to that piece of content in the search results. Now, however, the era of Google Authorship has ended. This month, Google announced in a blog post that Google Authorship will no longer be impacting search results as it has in …

Google Rolls Out AdWords “Callout Extensions” Highlighting Offers Within Ads

Google Adwords Callout Image

Google has recently announced they are rolling out another addition to their Google AdWords platform, a new feature deemed “Callout extensions.”  Callout extensions are essentially additional text that will appear alongside your Google search ads–giving advertisers the opportunity to highlight specific information, draw attention to some of the more important elements of their offers, and ultimately increase click-through rates. This should be good news for advertisers. As Google put it on their blog, the addition of Callouts to the AdWords platform will allow advertisers to “call out what matters most to your customers.” The premise behind Callout extensions is simple: the more information you can give people up front about your products and services the better. The quicker you cut …

What Robin Williams’ Best Lines Can Teach You About Marketing

Internet Marketing Robin Williams Quote Image

  The news of Robin Williams passing hit hard for millions around the world. But what does Robin Williams have to do with you? Or, more importantly here, what do Robin Williams’ one-liners have to do with the way you run your business or the ways you handle your internet marketing? Whether or not you were a fan of his work–the man certainly left an impression. And with so many years in the public eye, his words filled with humor, imparted with wisdom, and even those so flamboyantly shared with a certain childlike nonsense, will be remembered. From the whimsical, to the unconventional, to the inspirational–many of the man’s most famous lines double as life-lessons, and believe it or not, …

What It Actually Means to be an Online Authority—and How You Become One

digital marketing

These days, there aren’t a lot of short cuts left. If you want to be seen as an authority, you have to be one. Being an authority online is about more than just being a thought leader in your industry—it’s a reflection of the time you’ve taken to translate that leadership, that expertise, and that insight into what you share and the ways you engage your customers online. These are brands that customers trust as influencers in their industries and search engines rank as the most relevant results for their users queries. Achieving this kind of authority involves two components. Search engines and searchers. Both are equally important. Neither are optional. Today, you can’t be an authority online without both …

Penguin 3.0’s On Its Way–And Why Businesses Should be Welcoming Its Arrival

penguin 3.0

It has been nearly a year since the last Penguin update was released–10 months to be exact, leaving many wondering: When exactly will the next update be coming? According to Google’s representatives, we won’t have much longer to wait. Many of Google’s algorithm changes have become increasingly subtle. Changes are constantly being made to improve the results the search engine’s provide, rolled in with their regular refreshes and made without any kind of announcement from the webmasters at Google. Panda, for example, which is designed to penalize websites with poor quality content, is happening regularly now about once every month without being officially “rolled out.” Penguin, however, is a much more complex update, and according to Google’s John Mueller, it …

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