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Google Says Goodbye to Authorship– And What That Means for You


Many factors have been added to the way that Google’s algorithm understands and displays your content, your site, and your overall online authority. Google Authorship was one such factor. What it created was a way to link the content you created with your Google+ profile. It intended to give your content not only an identifiable author for search engines, but for searchers too, in addition to an extra bit of attention as author names and images were then displayed next to that piece of content in the search results. Now, however, the era of Google Authorship has ended. This month, Google announced in a blog post that Google Authorship will no longer be impacting search results as it has in …

Google Rolls Out AdWords “Callout Extensions” Highlighting Offers Within Ads


Google has recently announced they are rolling out another addition to their AdWords platform, a new feature deemed “Callout extensions.”  Callout extensions are essentially additional text that will appear alongside your Google search ads–giving advertisers the opportunity to highlight specific information, draw attention to some of the more important elements of their offers, and ultimately increase click-through rates. This should be good news for advertisers. As Google put it on their blog, the addition of Callouts to the AdWords platform will allow advertisers to “call out what matters most to your customers.” The premise behind Callout extensions is simple: the more information you can give people up front about your products and services the better. The quicker you cut to …

What Robin Williams’ Best Lines Can Teach You About Marketing

robin williams quote

  The news of Robin Williams passing hit hard for millions around the world. But what does Robin Williams have to do with you? Or, more importantly here, what do Robin Williams’ one-liners have to do with the way you run your business or the ways you handle your marketing? Whether or not you were a fan of his work–the man certainly left an impression. And with so many years in the public eye, his words filled with humor, imparted with wisdom, and even those so flamboyantly shared with a certain childlike nonsense, will be remembered. From the whimsical, to the unconventional, to the inspirational–many of the man’s most famous lines double as life-lessons, and believe it or not, as …

What It Actually Means to be an Online Authority—and How You Become One

digital marketing

These days, there aren’t a lot of short cuts left. If you want to be seen as an authority, you have to be one. Being an authority online is about more than just being a thought leader in your industry—it’s a reflection of the time you’ve taken to translate that leadership, that expertise, and that insight into what you share and the ways you engage your customers online. These are brands that customers trust as influencers in their industries and search engines rank as the most relevant results for their users queries. Achieving this kind of authority involves two components. Search engines and searchers. Both are equally important. Neither are optional. Today, you can’t be an authority online without both …

Penguin 3.0′s On Its Way–And Why Businesses Should be Welcoming Its Arrival

penguin 3.0

It has been nearly a year since the last Penguin update was released–10 months to be exact, leaving many wondering: When exactly will the next update be coming? According to Google’s representatives, we won’t have much longer to wait. Many of Google’s algorithm changes have become increasingly subtle. Changes are constantly being made to improve the results the search engine’s provide, rolled in with their regular refreshes and made without any kind of announcement from the webmasters at Google. Panda, for example, which is designed to penalize websites with poor quality content, is happening regularly now about once every month without being officially “rolled out.” Penguin, however, is a much more complex update, and according to Google’s John Mueller, it …

Why Technical SEO Matters for Content Marketers Too

technical seo content marketing

If there’s content on a website and no one is around to read it, is it marketing? Maybe, but it’s not very effective if it is. Getting an audience in front of your content is the most basic, but also one of the most critical parts of content marketing, and organic search traffic is incredibly important to the long-term success of your content. Reports of SEO’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The cliche “SEO is dead” really means that grind-house article and link schemes crested 5 years ago, broken by superior algorithms that shook up the SERPs and left the cheaters in mourning. What’s left is what has always been effective and required for ranking well on Google and other …

Google Now Rewards Secure Sites–What You Need to Know About Search’s Newest Ranking Factor


Google has officially added yet another ranking factor to the list. This past week, Google announced that whether or not a site is using site encryption will now affect the way that the search engine determines their rankings. This addition to the way Google’s algorithm ranks sites is designed encourage developers to adopt HTTP, a type of data encryption intended to deter hackers and make data sharing more secure. Google’s goal being to reward sites that are as secure as possible for their visitors. Why Make Site Security a Ranking Signal? By promoting sites that have adopted HTTP– in other words, sites that have SSL 2048-bit key certificates added–the search engine is showing that the more secure your site is, …

The Psychology of Content that Converts

psychology of conversion

Killer content is a powerful conversion tool, when used correctly. Understanding the psychology behind what your customers are looking for in that content, and how you can give it to them, is key when you’re looking to get the most out of your content marketing. As human beings it is only natural to rush to judgment about all aspects of an online experience–especially when something is as subjective as content.  This desire to dissect and interpret reaches branded content as much as it does anything else. Great content can turn brand-ambivilants (or even brand-skeptics) into brand-evangelists and bad content–well, vise versa. While many businesses are investing heavily in social media strategies to try and increase their following and influence the …

The Top 4 Reasons Your Content is Good, Not Great


Content marketing isn’t the next big thing. It’s the big thing. And with everyone today trying their hand at content marketing, creating average content simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. But what makes great content marketing great? What’s the difference between average content and phenomenal content? Unfortunately, great content has no one true formula, but there are a lot of common factors that all pieces of great content share. 1. Great Content Has a Purpose Great content takes us on a journey. Weather it’s an expert guide, a page-turning novel, a quirky infographic, a thought-provoking blog post, a well-executed webinar, a viral video—your customers turn to content for the same reason you do. To be taken places, to be …

Getting to Know Google’s New Shopping Campaigns

google shopping campaigns

This August marks the cut-off date for Google’s switch to Shopping Campaigns, the AdWords campaign type replacing what retailers previously knew as Google’s Product Listing Ads. According to Google, this switch is meant to offer users of their AdWords platform more retail-centric tools and a more effective means of creating, managing, and optimizing their Product Listing Ads. By retiring the regular PLA campaigns, Google’s speeding up the move to their new shopping campaigns so that everyone will be upgraded to the new system by the end of this month. Why Google’s Transitioning to Shopping Campaigns Essentially, your PLAs are still your PLAs. Your product listing ads will still appear in the same places and they’ll be just as relevant and …

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