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Penguin 4.0 – Is It Impacting Your Site


After years of anticipation and a fair amount of excitement last Friday, the visible impact of Google’s new Penguin 4.0 seems to be underwhelming–so far. The consensus is that, in fact, there has been no impact. The new release of Penguin 4.0, confirmed last Friday on Google’s blog, means link penalties will be refreshed in real time, so that in theory, ranking corrections and improvements to a site’s rankings will happen quickly and not require months or even years of waiting. Is it a kinder, gentler Penguin? Anyone whose total site was penalized by Penguin 3.0 for a spammy link profile would hope so. They’ve had to wait until now to get over that last round of Penguin filters which …

Growth Optimizing — A New Marketing Mindset

growth optimizing new mindset symbolized by businessman holding a brain

It’s all in the mind–or rather, the mindset. If you’re competing in the digital marketing arena, you’ve had to think some about growth optimizing, and if you haven’t, it’s time to start. Digital marketing has entered a new phase that is more data-driven and adaptable than ever. Here are the keys to understanding and adopting a new marketing mindset, one that leads beyond counting up clicks and likes to produce true, sustained growth. What is Digital Growth Optimizing? Built on openness to testing, experimenting and changing to adopt the tactic or strategy that works best, this marketing technique demands greater creativity and sensitivity to new methods and changing trends. As an example, rather than measure the response to one web …

How Voice Search Changes Local Search

Man using voice search on cell phone

Voice search is becoming an integral part of our virtual lives–at least, it is for a fast-growing number of us who prefer this communication shortcut to typing, touching and clicking our search queries. The trend is being explored in articles across multiple media outlets, each one packed with research for digital marketers and business owners who want their products and services found first. Why is voice search growing? Personal assistant devices are the main source of growth, and the vast majority of voice searches are done from a mobile device–both factors that point toward a strong local slant. Between 20 and 25 percent of searches are now initiated using voice tools, from Siri to Google Voice and most recently, Amazon’s …

Quick & Easy Tips for Driving Traffic

Business growth

What, again? Yup. You always need fresh ideas for driving traffic to your website, with plenty of new visitors, of course. We thought it was time to offer up a collection of quick and easy tips, the kind that get your numbers climbing with the least investment of time and money. So, fasten your seat belt… Tip #1 Repurpose-Recycle-Reuse for driving traffic Whatever term you use (but we prefer repurpose), save time by repurposing  your best content resources. Reformat content for multiple platforms to access a much wider audience and reinforce the messages that matter. Look for your best blog posts, articles, white papers and more, and target new audiences for them through podcasts, slide decks, videos and infographics. Thanks to …

8 Top Ways to Build High-Quality Organic Links


Are you clear on the difference between high-quality organic links and other kinds? We’re going to assume you know it’s not about vegans and meat-eaters. Still, the health benefits of organic links are just as important to your website as eating a fresh, nutritional diet is for your personal health. You need to know that link-building is key to organic search success, and your Google PageRank is heavily influenced by how the system judges your online content. In other words, it evaluates whether your posts, articles, and other content contains natural or artificial links. Here are your 8 top ways to build high-quality organic links for great page rankings.   A natural link is considered to provide genuine value to …

Google Drops a Veil on Local Ranking Factors


Google has revealed significantly more about its local search ranking factors, and it’s the kind of info you can immediately use to enhance your own site’s local ranking. An expanded Google Help page lives up to its title, “Improve your local ranking on Google,” as highlighted in Search Engine Land’s April Fools’ Day post. This is no joke, however. It’s not so much about change–the same three local ranking factors as before are there–relevance, distance, and prominence. It’s more about the smaller steps that build up your presence in each of the three categories. These updates offer solid additions to understanding how your local business can get space in the coveted local 3-pack. Local Ranking Factors — Where to Start …

Relationship Marketing – The New Way to Sell

African American Businessman and Woman Shaking Hands

You may never have heard the term Relationship Marketing, but I believe that once you finish reading this post, it will change your idea of how to sell online in 2016. We know that people buy from other people they trust and like. Well, selling online demands the same kind of trust, and trust results when you build relationships with visitors to your website. In this post we’ll look at how the new Relationship Marketing works online, and specifically, how to: Build trust Build your email lists Approach email campaigns Write your emails Encourage interaction And finally, ask for the sale Relationship Marketing Builds Trust Building a relationship in the real world happens over time. The same is true in Relationship Marketing, …

Marketing Automation — What You Need to Know


In one of our recent blog posts, we touched upon Marketing Automation and what the business community is saying about this unique system. In today’s post, we’re taking a deeper dive into a few key features and benefits of Marketing Automation and how it can help increase sales, generate more leads, and positively impact your return on investment. First, here’s a quick review of what Marketing Automation really is. We’ll glance over some basics and get familiar with one of today’s hottest marketing trends. What is Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation (MA) is a system that helps manage and regulate a number of different marketing techniques such as website monitoring, email campaigns, and landing page optimization. This in turn reduces the amount of …

Google to Remove Ads on Right Hand Side of Search Results

Right Side Ads

In one of the biggest moves to date, Google has confirmed that they will remove paid search ads on the right hand side panel of the desktop search results. That leaves paid search ads on desktop being displayed only at the top and bottom of the search page. How many ads will show? According to Google, 3 ads will show at the top and bottom of the search results, except in the case where the search term is extremely competitive or commercial, in which case 4 ads will be displayed. According to TheVerge,Google has announced that this change is global. The change will go into effect worldwide and in all languages. What will happen to the right hand side of …

Marketing Automation – Is It Time?

Marketer Hipster

Marketing Automation was once a tool used only by large companies with equally large budgets. The systems were costly and too complex to implement for most small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Good news–things have changed, and for the better. Now, SMBs make up the fastest-growing segment of users. So, we thought it was time to share a few useful insights to help you decide if Marketing Automation is the right choice, no matter what your organization’s size. Overcome Marketing Challenges Complexity is a hallmark of today’s business environment in any sized enterprise. Staying competitive is mandatory, but modern marketers require more than two arms and two hands to deal with it all, and many are finding the help they need …

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