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Learn to Write Clickable Headlines that Drive Your Competition Crazy

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Writing great headlines comes naturally to some people, but most of us need a little help crafting those irresistible lines that make readers want to know more. Sure, a lot is riding on the headline, but it all comes down to one overriding concern: does it generate an amazing click-through rate, the kind that your competition would kill for? That measure of success can also reflect on your company’s image as a forward-leaning, innovative brand, not to mention your standing as an influential blogger or writer. You probably know that numbered lists and “how to” topics are always click-magnets, but relying on these heavily used formulas may not be enough (headline of this post notwithstanding). Generate the traffic results you …

6 Indispensable Tips for Writing Content that Drives Traffic

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You could spend years digging through reams of advice on how to write content that generates outstanding traffic results. We want you to have a life, so instead, we’ve condensed it down to 6 indispensable writing tips that have proven successful at driving traffic for high achievers at every level of business. One way or another, you depend on digital content to drive traffic to your web site. Whether through trending social media posts across multiple platforms, funny videos you hope will go viral, or long-form blogs that explore industry news, make the most of every word, and keep those click-throughs coming.

Alphabet – The A-Z of Google’s new holding company


Yesterday, Google announced that they would be restructuring the upper-crust of their brand into a holding company that will simply be known as Alphabet. At the surprise of many (including owners of pre-existing companies already called “Alphabet”), Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, announced that the decision was made so that Google could continue its legacy as the most-used search engine in the world while its now-sister companies continue to evolve the world outside of the web. For instance, while Google will keep Google Android, Google Maps, Google Now, Google Earth, Google Docs, Gmail, (the list of Google-founded applications is almost an A-Z list in itself), other ventures will be free to form their own identities under their own …

Blocking JavaScript and CSS Warnings – Should you care?


For those of you that checked your Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) on Tuesday July 28, you might have been surprised to see a new warning, “Google Warning: ‘Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files on {your domain}.’” For sites that employ Javascript and CSS coding, this may have been alarming. In this post I will try answer some of the most common questions asked by our clients regarding this warning and what you should do when you see it. What does this warning mean? It is saying that Google cannot crawl your whole site, and that your site is specifically blocking Javascript and CSS files. This is a warning — not a penalty — but Google …

‘Purchases on Google’ opens up market for businesses


Google has finally started its long-discussed move to enable direct purchases from search ads. The so-called “buy button” is now known as “Purchases on Google.” A limited group of online and large chain store retailers were tagged for the pilot program, with plans to scale up for additional retailers in late 2015 or early 2016, as noted in the posting on TechCrunch. A focus on the mobile experience Indicating that their aim is to enhance the user mobile experience, Google is going beyond search to facilitate browsing, comparing, and ultimately, making the purchase, as described in a post on Marketing Land. This seamless process will make shopping from a smartphone faster and easier, with the potential to help retailers significantly …

Google’s Panda 4.2 update: 10 Things You Need to Know


Google announced today that their latest update, Panda 4.2., began a surprise rollout over the weekend. For the uninitiated, Panda is a Quality Algorithm that has been completely integrated into Google’s main ranking algorithm. This means that when a Panda update is made, sites with poor-quality content are often the first sites to be hit. Google says that this update will rollout throughout the next month and that only 2 to 3% of English language queries have been affected so far. In this article, I will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Panda and Panda 4.2, including who it will affect and how you can recover from a penalty.

Google Ramps Up Focus on Mobile Search


As if we needed any convincing, Google is making it crystal clear that it is continuing to increase its focus on mobile users and their searches. There was the recent Mobile Friendliness Update, of course, which had businesses scrambling to ensure their sites were mobile friendly. The search giant also recently confirmed that they’re adding a “Buy” button to search results. And a new update provides users with a location-based paid results pack when they include the term nearby in their searches. Why Mobile Matters These moves underscore how important mobile search is, and how common it’s becoming.  Earlier this month, Google revealed that “near me” searches have doubled over the last year, with 80% of those searches coming from …

Google Renames Webmaster Tools to Search Console


Google recently announced that it has redubbed its Webmaster Tools suite to Search Console. Their reasoning behind the move is pretty straightforward: optimizing a site is no longer a specialized function of expert wbmasters, and is now done by everyone from business specialists to novice site designers. Yet behind the clear and obvious reason, there may be a more important message: search engine optimization is more important than ever, and site owners of every stripe can take steps to improve their search engine visibility. Whether you have a team dedicated to your SEO strategy or manage your site on your own, we encourage you to check out Google’s Search Console. There are a host of great tools there that can …

Bing’s Mobile Friendly Update


It’s been almost a month since Google’s Mobile Friendly rollout, prompting many businesses to update their sites to comply with Google’s mobile friendliness criteria. For those that haven’t yet climbed on board, there’s now even more motivation to do so: Bing has been rolling out a mobile-friendliness update of its own. In November, Bing revealed that it was planning to put more focus on mobile in 2015, and the new update is clearly part of that strategy. The new focus is a clear response comScore data that predicts that the number of mobile users will surpass the number of desktop users this year.  It’s a trend that is not surprising, given the steady increase in mobile searches over the past …

Why Multiscreen Marketing Matters

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If your mobile marketing strategy relies largely on creating a great mobile-friendly experience for your visitors, chances are, you’re missing a critical component: targeting multiscreen usage.  After all, statistics show that as  many as 90% of internet users use multiple screens throughout the day, often simultaneously. Reaching these users with a targeted message tailored to the multiscreen experience is crucial in ensuring that you’re reaching your visitors in the right way at the right point in the sales funnel. To use multiscreen marketing effectively, you’ll need to understand how and when your customers are reaching your site using various devices. For instance, a customer may be watching TV while surfing the web on their phone. If a commercial for one …

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