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Google confirms updates to their core search ranking algorithm


Google high-ups Zineb Ait Bahajji, Gary Illyes and John Mueller sounded off on Twitter today to acknowledge that that some changes in search rankings over the weekend weren’t an accident, just business as usual. Google frequently updates their core search algorithm, but rarely do they confirm that a change has been made on a specific date. In this case, Zineb Ait Bahajji was asked specifically what Google planned to name this update. Would it be an update to Penguin, as some SEOs had anticipated? Would Google pick a new alliterative animal to represent a new type of ranking factor?

Harness the Instagram Audience with New Call-to-Action Ads


The close relationship between Facebook and Instagram now goes beyond the former owning the latter, to a whole new dimension, thanks to the new interface that allows more businesses to create self-serve ads on Instagram. Both entities have recently added e-commerce features with Instagram’s new “Shop Now” button, and Facebook’s “Buy Now” button, to help build their shares of ad revenue. The new Instagram ad options are accessed through Facebook’s ad management tools, and the features use the same targeting and powerful infrastructure as Facebook ads.

How to Extend Your Facebook Reach

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Facebook comes in at number three among social media sites that correlate to a high Google search ranking. Clearly, it’s safe to say that raising your Facebook game should raise your Google rankings. However, Facebook has been gradually changing the rules of their game, which gives rise to important questions, like: what are the newest rules, and how can you use them to retain visibility and increase your reach through 2016? How many of Facebook’s 1.4 billion members are you reaching now? The New Rules for Facebook News Feed First, here’s a heads-up on what has changed, and why you’ve noticed that things are not quite the same in the FB universe. December 2013: Facebook announced that organic reach for …

The Search for Ranking Factors: User Behavior

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In the never-ending quest to understand how Google’s ranking factors, we’ve noticed a recent study that clears up one long-standing debate within the SEO world. Evidence now shows that user behavior is an important piece in the ranking puzzle.

The New Google RankBrain and Your SEO Success

Google has announced that its new artificial intelligence (AI) system, RankBrain, has been hard at work for months, using machine learning to help the search engine’s powerful algorithms interpret about 15 percent of all queries.

Client ‘Three Jerks Jerky’ Sparks Frenzy on ‘Shark Tank’


We’ve always loved the jerky produced by our clients ‘Three Jerks Jerky.’ As their official digital marketing partner, we’re lucky enough to get samples all the time, and they’re always a big hit around the office. We’ve been singing their praises now for almost six months, so we were thrilled to see them get recognition on national television.

Google’s Latest—A New Look for Maps Search Results


Google has launched a new maps search results interface, apparently visible globally to all Google Maps users. Reviews are just starting to come in as users begin trying it out and noticing finer points of the new layout. Here are highlights of the most frequent comments from Local Search Forum, pros and cons.

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