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The Mobile Market is Growing

The CEO of Google Eric Schmidt delivered an opening keynote speech at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership event about mobile growth this past Sunday.

Mobile use has grown faster than any and all of Google’s predictions, noted Schmidt.  He also said that YouTube sees 200 million mobile playbacks a day. Also, 78% of those who have a smart phone use their phone while they shop.

Schmidt cited numbers from the Super Bowl to prove the point that people are paying attention to mobile use. Mobile searches for Chrysler went up 102 times, while desktop searches only went up 48 times. Searches for GoDaddy on mobile devices went up nearly ten times more than desktop searches.

There is huge advertising potential and could be turned in a $200 billion a year industry, said Schmidt. He mentions that this is the future and everybody will adapt and because of this technology, people will become smarter and more empowered than ever before.

With mobile searches on the rise, mobile advertising campaigns are likely to shoot up in every industry. More and more users are turning to their phones and other mobile devices to conduct search and view Web sites, so it is important to make sure that your site will be compatible with your mobile audience.

By optimizing for mobile search and cutting down on your pages’ load times, you can capitalize on this growing trend and improve your overall business numbers.

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