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New Changes to Google Social Results

Google announced a new version of its Google Search Results and there are some new changes when it comes to the way Google sees social media.

Now social media is being blended into the regular results.  Before, you would see social searches when you clicked on the social filter for results, now you can see those results blended right in with regular results.

If you have social connections it may boost your pages’ rankings in SERPs. Google is still using its algorithm to determine the order of the listings but if there is a social element to the site then it may appear higher.

When you do use the social feature, the social search will not include shared content. Now if someone tweets about your blog post then that would appear. This doesn’t include Facebook “likes” but it does include if someone tweets it, shares it in Google reader, or other websites.  This means that your pages will get social weight from links to content on your site through social sites.

Bing does however use Facebook “likes” as a ranking factor but if you are checking Google, Twitter profiles and content replace the Facebook like option.

You can add social connections to your Google Profile under private so they won’t be shown to the public and the connection can still influence your search results.

What all does this mean for your SEO efforts? It shows that social sites are more important than ever and working with a SEO company can help give you content for social sites and help your social rankings improve. Your SEO company can help you with Twitter accounts and blogs that mean a lot to the Google results.

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